Retail Therapy

14 May

Sometimes a gal just needs some retail therapy. After a long week, I decided to mosey on over to the Macys in Union Square and shop around. I found a dress that T. Swift would definitely approve of (the red one is on hold for me due to a 20% off sale I would get today  but I might just buy the lake-colored one off the French Connection website).

Not wanting to walk away empty-handed, I went down to the make-up area where I checked out Urban Decay. Thanks to Allie and Liz, UD is becoming my new go-to makeup. I decided on the “Mildew” eyeliner (terrible name I know but their 24/7 cream eyeliners are considered the best out there) and the “Sin” cream highlighter for cheeks and under eye area. The packaging for the highlighter is pretty damn cute. Thank you Macys for lifting a gal’s spirits.


One Response to “Retail Therapy”

  1. joptholt May 15, 2011 at 4:22 am #

    Love the dress!!! I do think our bf TSwift would approve I love the Urban Decay eyeliner from the kit we got. Maybe I will go to Macy’s tomorrow. 🙂

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