8 Jun

I have a very strong desire to go to Disneyland. VERY strong. I haven’t been in over 8 years. I remember as a kid I went with my family once and my dad forgot where he parked. We were walking around the parking lot for over 2 hours and I remember eating one of the best cheeseburgers of my life while waiting and watching the parade going by Main Street. We finally had security help us and located the car around 1o pm. If memory serves me right, my favorites are  Sleeping Beauty’s Castle, Pirates of the Caribbean ride, ToonTown, Haunted Mansion and Small World. Come hell or high water, I will be going to Disneyland before the year end.

And thanks to my days as an emo pop-punk rocker in high school, this song will will always play in my head when I think about going to Disneyland. This is very unfortunate.


One Response to “Disneyland”

  1. Vintage Barbie June 8, 2011 at 4:35 am #

    Can’t resist a comment. After all I was there. The reason we couldn’t find the car at Disneyland was that when the guide told your dad where to park, your dad said “I know a better place” and blew past the kid. I still remember seeing him in the rear view mirror waving frantically. Reason being: People lose their cars there all the time–the lot is really big. . Disneyland has a system that can locate your car based on the time you clock in IF you park according to their plan.and park in the assigned place. Your dad said screw you to the plan and paid dearly for that bit o disrespect. And created a memory of a night we will never forget. I believe we found the car at about 1 A.M. after the lot had cleared .But that night was destined to become a big time memory. In retrospect, a few hours of uncertainty was a small price to pay for an unforgettable evening.

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