Friend Turned Foe

15 Jun

In life we come to a crossroad with some friendships. Do we hit the brakes or do we pass Go? Do we smile and fake it? Or do we say (either outloud or mentally) ‘peace out beyotch!’? Life is short and like sand through the hour glass, these are the days (and friends) of our lives. I’m sure all of us has have lost a friend or two along the way, some of us by choice and some less voluntarily. Being the bad reality television show junkie that I am, I present to you a gal from the boob tube who I once liked (aka a friend..kind of) and now despise (definitely a foe…and well…kind of a ho). Thee one thee only….drum roll please….RAMONA SINGER.

RS’s decline from friend to frienemy…

I once considered Ramona a loveable fool. She was self-made. I respected that. She always seemed to stir things up but always had a fast turnaround rate and would make amends. She had her renewal process and made peace with her hard childhood. Good for her. She liked to party. Seemed fun to hang out with if you were also drinking. It was hard to stay mad at Ramona. She didn’t care if she made an ass out of herself. Case in point: her crazy eye strut down the catwalk (see below). That had me laughing for days. My laughing days with Ramona are sadly over. She has turned into what I like to call a crazy ass diva-bitch. I’m a pretty good detector of the crazies especially after living in San Francisco for almost a decade. Blame it on her new Ramona Singer Pinot Grigio that she came out with or perhaps her husband’s supposed wandering eye but Ramona Singer has gone off the deep end my friends. In full beyotch mode this season, I cringe at the site of her alcohol-induced tirades and especially her demands for pinot grigio to be ready in a glass if she is expected to be anywhere.  One of her worst moments as a human being was when she interviewed gals fresh out of college who were interested in working for her. Making fun of their skin and poor style, she came across as a cruel 55 year old mean girl. She even made one of them cry on camera. I wanted to knock her lights out after that despicable display. Sure Ramona can still be funny at times (ever seen her turtle dance?) and you can’t help but laugh when she gets crazy eyes or puts her foot in her mouth but I have decided that RS is definitely a classic example of a frienemy. She’s nice to your face but she will stab you in the back with the stem of her broken wine glass.

I still love the crazy bitches that make up Real Housewives of NY but like Sean Avery (swooon) said “Ramona Singer is the worst of them all.” Once a reality show friend, now a foe.

Some of her best quotes courtesy of

“That’s what I’m saying…she’ll be on me like white rice.”

“I think you’re making a bigger mole…wait not a bigger mole…you’re making a mountain out of a hole mill.”

“I feel you have no depth.”

“You may look at me and say, ‘Oh yeah, she’s pretty, she has a good body,’ but guess what? My business head? Ten times better than my beauty.”


One Response to “Friend Turned Foe”

  1. joptholt June 15, 2011 at 4:35 pm #

    You are good at spotting crazies!

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