Gym Rat

20 Sep

Some of you might have read my post last week entitled “Really?” If you didn’t read it, the post was a major vent about the parental units’ pressure on me to lose weight. It was the one with the Jabba the Hut picture. I decided to take it down since I don’t want the Ratmobile to become a forum for airing dirty laundry. My message was received and seen by the person that mattered and now we are moving onward and upward!

I started personal training yesterday. My trainer’s name is Kara . She’s also an acupuncturist so she’s pretty peaceful and doesn’t bullshit like the one trainer I had a few years ago. It has been a while since I worked out so I was definitely huffing and puffing but I really feel like this time around, I will not be the one bullshitting about my commitment to getting healthier. No-bullshit trainer and no-bullshit trainee. I feel more motivated than ever to make some changes in my life. I’m looking forward to being stronger, having more energy and well “let’s be honest”….dropping a dress size wouldn’t be so bad either.

If anyone has ever faced a similar challenge, let me know some healthy snacks or practices that you have found to be successful.


One Response to “Gym Rat”

  1. celie September 24, 2011 at 6:27 pm #

    good for you! my advice – get a juicer 🙂

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