That’s Swell!

22 Sep

Karen Elson

This bedroom. I especially love the pineapple bedside lamps and the fur throw. I learned in Savannah that back in the day people would set out a pineapple as a sign of welcome for their guests who stayed overnight or came from out of town. When the pineapple disappeared from the table, that was the host’s subtle way of saying their guest’s welcome was ending. If that was a too direct approach, the hosts would make some sort of pineapple dessert and the visitors would then know it was time to head on back home.

Nothing beats the Indian Summers that make up San Francisco’s Fall season. My favorite season of them all.

I’m giving some serious thought to enrolling in UC Berkeley’s Certificate Program for Interior Design. I think Interior Design might be my calling.  I appreciate good food and a good outfit but I REALLY get excited over a well-designed space. This program is especially ideal because I can keep my 9-5 and avoid going into starving student mode. Stay tuned!

This watch that I had ordered at Zinc on Fillmore. The sales girl was wearing it and I had to have it. Unfortunately my credit card had already been charged when I realized the watch was $30 cheaper on Amazon. In an attempt to work on my negotiating skills, I emailed the salesperson and pointed this out. She offered to give me $30 gift card to the store to make up for the difference. Lesson learned: It never hurts to ask.

Seeing Bon Iver tonight at the Greek Theater in Berkeley.


One Response to “That’s Swell!”

  1. Vintage Barbie September 23, 2011 at 3:46 am #

    RE: Watch

    You are your father’s daughter on “dealing” and your mother’s daughter on watch collecting.

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