12 Oct

I’ve realized lately that I really appreciate watches. I’ve grown myself a little collection over the years…

Treasures from my trip to Savannah and Charleston. The antique pineapple lighter from the Antiques Mall in Savannah is one of my favorite finds of all time.

 I recently heard that it’s important to edit ruthlessly.  As a collector and someone who enjoys the occasional (or frequent) shopping trip, I think this is advice that I need to practice. If you don’t edit or if you buy everything that you kind of like, you’ll find yourself overwhelmed by all the stuff you own and probably in debt. I’m vowing to be more conscious of what I bring into my apartment and to collect only things that I love and see myself loving for the long run. In the editing process, I have discovered treasures I forgot that I owned or thought I lost long ago.  I can be sentimental at times so cleaning out my closet and little boxes of things has been hard, but it’s also been very liberating to get rid of things that no longer hold purpose or meaning to me. Stay tuned for my closet editing post!


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