Insomnia Day 2

28 Oct

I was bone tired when I got home from work and feeling on the verge of being under the weather. I was REALLY looking forward to just hitting the hay around 10pm and drifting off into dreamland. Well friends, seems like this mind of mine just won’t quit and now 3 hours later, I am awake and well just can’t get a break on the sleep-front.

So here I am on the ratmobile. This Saturday I will be this fool and Mac Dre will be this fool and Allie will be the fooliest of them all…this gem! I had a run through last weekend at a little pre-Halloween shindig.

Kreayshawn (me)

Lil Debbie (Dre)

V Nastly (Allie)

White Girl Mob (aka fools)

It’s always fun to play a real life fool for Halloween. My Rachel Zoe costume from a few years back was one of the best Halloween experiences I had. Now WGM gets hyphy so I gotta make sure I keep myself in check on Saturday. Method acting this B will equal me hugging the toilet the next day. No bueno.


One Response to “Insomnia Day 2”

  1. joptholt October 30, 2011 at 12:09 am #

    Can’t wait to see pictures~

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