Celebrity Minutia Time!

28 Jan

My gal Rachel at a press conference in LA yesterday for her new movie “The Vow.” I mean there is no competition when it comes to “The Notebook” but this new movie….it might be the closest thing I’ve seen in a while. Who’s with me? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller? Maybe RyGo will see this and want to get back together with her and then he will dump Eva the beezie.

My other gal Oprah. I miss her terribly. Damn you Comcast for not including OWN in my package!

It’s confirmed that the new album will be out in 2012. Rumors were making the rounds that it would be out in the next few weeks but it ended up just being a rumor. I CANNOT WAIT for this new album and if she tours, Ima be over the moon.

Like Epic Records with Fiona A, AMC will stop holding out and is finally bringing Mad Men back on the air.  March 25th will be a very good day. Party at my place? Here’s what Don Draper has to say (or not say) about it.

In addition to overdosing on Nitrous, it turns out that Demi Moore also has a penchant for the Red Bull.  “Demi Moore was obsessively drinking Red Bull in weeks preceding her 911 emergency, but we’ve learned her addiction to Red Bull is a decade old. Moore — a recovering addict — had cases and cases of Red Bull delivered to her home as early as 2002.” –Source

Another actress having a horrendous time coping with the aging process is Cameron D. I would say something mean but this picture says it all. Yikes.

First Seal and Heidi Ho and now G&G?! What is the world coming to. After 10 years of marriage, shit is hitting the fan and the end could be near. First the secret daughter (Daisy Lowe) and then Boy George outing Gavin’s affair with a cross-dresser named Marilyn followed by Courtney Love claiming to Howard Stern that he cheated on Gwen with her (BARF x 1000). Apparently Gwen is ready to throw in the towel. Farewell rockstar power couple. Your union resulted in two ridiculously adorable kids, although it’s a little twisted how you dressed them. Just saying.


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