Week of the Ratty

9 Feb

I’ve been sick this past week and it’s been a real drag lemme tell ya. I could barely keep my eyes open on the bus ride home today and was looking forward to hitting the hay at around 9 but then I watched my Netflix One Day which I thought was going to be a light romantic flick….  so I was wrong. This movie was so depressing. I would suggest seeing it if you are looking for a case of insomnia. Despite being sickly, I’m excited for a few things on the horizon. On Friday, American Cheese and I will be seeing Anthony Bourdain and Eric Ripert in Santa Rosa followed by some sips of wine on Saturday and then hopefully some recharging the ol batts for me on Sunday. SF Beer Week is next week and Cheese and I will be going to the Incanto and Beer Almanac Dinner which I’m very excited about. Next weekend Whitney and Anthony will be visiting from DC which means more celebrating to be done- I’m especially looking forward to the Celebrator Beer Fest in Berkeley. Below are some pictures of my life this past week courtesy of my new obsession Instagram.

One of my best friends of all time Christa K returned to the US for a visit. She’s been living in China for the past two years so it was a real treat to see her and hit up old faithful (i.e. Starbucks) together. She’s like a sister to me and I love her mucho. Fings crossed she moves back to San Francisco one day…

I went to South Park for lunch with an amigo and this big ass iguana was hanging out. Apparently her name is Lucy and she is owned by a hyphy bum that hangs out in the SP.

Dave/American Cheese and I grabbed lunch at Mojo cafe which is about a one minute walk from my apartment. We realized they do a really good lunch, especially this Croque Mojo (which I pronounced Mo-ho forgetting that the cafe is called Mo-JO….I guess my 5+ years of Spanish class is really starting to kick in)

I bought this gold frame a while back (at Ross I think). I have a thing for gold frames and well I’ve been staring at this empty frame for a while. Because of it’s unusual size, I didn’t have a photo that would fit in it properly. Then during a sick day, I had an Oprah AHA! moment and realized I had all these black and white photo strips laying around so I decided to use those. The photo strips are three of my nearest and dearest: my guy, my mom and one of my best friends.

A picture I took while waiting for the bus early Saturday morning.

I snapped these flowers while at Draegers in San Mateo.  I love this pink and magenta rose. Draegers, btw, is probably the nicest grocery store I have ever been to.

I was in San Mateo so that I could visit Jenny and lil Callan, one of the cutest babies I’ve laid eyes on.

Em M. came to meet baby Callan and they became fast friends

We had some sushi for lunch at Sushi Sams and then said farewell to Bryan, Jenny and baby Callan.

I got my nails did on Sunday at this place around the corner from me. City Nails is a hidden gem and I love the two women who work there. While I wish I was a rap superstar/ non-9 to 5’er who could get away with these, I opted for some gel nails in Bastille My Heart.

Dave had people over for Super Bowl and I drank some bubbles despite the cold. This was a bad idea. Btw, how big of a bitch is Gisele B for her post-game tantrum? Makes me question your taste Mr. Brady…

Took a picture of my growing watch collection. In a dream world, I would open up a watch boutique in San Francisco. I would sell mostly watches and maybe some books, magazines, Japanese toys, sparkling water, raisinets and other things I love.

Waiting for the bus at Scott & Hayes

My co-worker brought in the treat of all treats today. Cookies from Anthony’s and this ladies and gentlemen, is THE BEST COOKIE OF ALL TIME. It’s the oreo one. Momofuku, eat your heart out.


5 Responses to “Week of the Ratty”

  1. Vreni February 9, 2012 at 5:20 am #

    Jackie, I had no idea you have a blog! I did a double take when I clicked on the link on FB to see Christa and then realized that it’s your blog. Keep up the good work!

    • rattytime February 9, 2012 at 12:43 pm #

      Thanks Vreni! I have been following your wonderful blog for a while now. My mom and I love it.

  2. Vintage Barbie February 9, 2012 at 11:21 am #

    Insomnia does great things for this blog. In my voyeuristic opinion, one of your best. It’s right up there with the clocky post, which also was related to sleep deprivation. Terrific photos too.

  3. Jenny February 9, 2012 at 11:31 am #

    Busy week….that Callan is a cutie!!!! Thanks for visiting.

  4. Christa February 9, 2012 at 10:14 pm #

    Love you Ratty ❤

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