Tiny Furniture

20 Mar

While channel surfing on my old 13 ” television in my childhood room, I stumbled across this gem of movie. It was kind of appropriate that I happened to be in my old room/shrine to my youth considering that the movie’s subject matter is about those confusing post-grad times I have come to know so well over the past 4 years. I think that out of all the quarterlife crisis movies that have been made, this one seemed the most real and honest. The writer, director, actor Lena Dunham is so likeable and raw (eewww hate using the word “raw” but can’t avoid it with this one). I felt like I could relate to her character and I saw many people I know in all of the film’s characters. Fortunately it’s on watch instant on Netflix so check it out. As Travis Birkenstock would have said…”Two very enthusiastic thumbs up.” See it!

“I feel like you sound like you’re in the epilogue of Felicity” = best line in the movie.


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