Design on the Mind

26 Apr

I’ve been having some serious design inspiration lately. If only I had deeper pockets and a house of my own so I could really throw down. I realize that you can design an amazing room even if you don’t have tons of scrilla but that requires a lot of time (to scour the flea markets and furniture stores) and patience (to refurbish, assemble, paint, drill, etc)…two things I’m not the best at. Note: I am working on becoming better at being crafty and making better use of my free time. The most charming interior designer on the planet Ms. Emily Henderson has been giving me mayjah inspiration on her blog lately. I am especially loving her office redesign. After watching her tutorial, it makes me think that maybe it is possible for someone to do an affordable room makeover. Before shot…

After shot…

Holy smokes! I love the blue and everything else about this room. Onto another room that I fell even more in love with (not designed by Emily Henderson) is this beauty…

 Black and gold with the gray striped wallpaper=heaven.


One Response to “Design on the Mind”

  1. Vintage Barbie April 26, 2012 at 11:22 pm #

    I love the dark blue paint and I love that they got rid of the linoleum and put in a hardwood floor. However I wouldn’t trade the work surface of that table for a desk. The table can be a conference room table, a desk surface. In a pinch it could convert back to a dining room All you need today is something to put your Ibook on. I would have painted the table white and added steel and black leather chairs. I approve of the new artwork and wouldn’t change that. The pot for the fern by the window is taking up too much floor space. I’d get a more streamlined plant with a smaller footprint. Thanks for asking.

    The constant commenter

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