Carmel Comstock Love

24 Aug

I’ve heard about my relatives Angie and Herm’s comstock in Carmel for a while. They bought it 4 years ago and it’s their weekend escape with only a 2 hour drive from their home in Hillsboro. It’s an exact replica of one of the original comstocks. I hadn’t seen it in person until a couple weekends ago during our trip to Carmel for Hilary and Adam’s wedding and I was completely blown away! These homes are straight out of a fairy tale book and I had no idea they existed- let alone 2 hours away from me.  I also didn’t realize how awesome Carmel is. The last time I was in Carmel, I was 9 years old and an attendant at Angie and Herm’s daughter’s wedding at the wonderful Holman Ranch (I still dream about this place). I feel like such a fool for not visiting it more in my 9 years of living in Northern California.

Anyways, Carmel’s architectural gems are thanks to a fella named  Hugh Comstock, who in the 1920s, designed cottages after the style of an English village, complete with rolled eaves, rounded doors and asymmetrical stone chimneys. Beginning with a tiny fairytale cottage to house his wife’s Otsy Totsy doll collection, “Comstocks” became the signature style of the Carmel cottage. There remain 21 of Comstock’s original cottages standing in Carmel today.  A new Carmel favorite of mine is this wonderful French restaurant called La Bicyclette. I loved its whimsical atmosphere and like the rest of Carmel, I felt like I was transported to a movie set or fairytale book. Here’s a photo of Angie and Herm’s place from the outside. I plan on taking lots more of the interior once Dave and I go back in October for a weekend getaway…

And the book I bought at the Tuck Box

Other photos of some of the magical comstocks…


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