Back in the Blog Saddle

14 Oct

So while my days often begin and end with Google Reader, I have not been much of a blogger lately. A more stressful job with no idle time results in a drained Ratty by the end of the day. I also had my MacBook Pro’s hard drive die on me which put me out of commission for a couple weeks. Fortunately I had Apple Care and they replaced the hard drive but I lost all my data. Photos were my biggest loss especially the vacation photos (Japan, Savannah and Charleston, Sonoma/Napa). I’m thankful that I created physical photo albums and many Facebook albums but it’s not the same as having the original photos in all their glory. I had some stuff backed up from over the years but lesson learned. Always back EVERYTHING up. With the new hard drive, comes a blank slate. For my first blog in a while, I figured I would share with you  a few of my newish favorite things….

Pinterest– I have begun to start and end my days with this site. I love the visual dream boards I can create and all of the images I discover via other Pinterest users. Follow me here.


Cooking- While I’ve often talked about how much I want to learn how to cook on this blog, it has actually finally happened. I’m genuinely interested and cooking more than usual. It’s an empowering feeling to know how to put together a meal and not rely on the frozen and pre-maid aisles of the grocery store. I can’t wait to make more recipes from this wonderful book gifted to me by Dave’s mom and try out some recipes from my mom’s favorite blogger Iowa Girl Eats.


Four Weddings (TLC Network)- I don’t know if it’s being 27 and being a gal, but I can’t stop watch wedding shows primarily Four Weddings and Say Yes To the Dress and reading wedding blog StyleMePretty on a regular basis. The sparkle! The drama! The the dresses! I love it all.



2 Responses to “Back in the Blog Saddle”

  1. greetingsblog October 17, 2012 at 12:06 pm #

    Just looked at that blog and I love it! Muffin madness!

  2. Barbara Miehls October 31, 2012 at 9:59 pm #

    Great blog! Needs to get the word out. Best audience: People who once visited SF and are still in love with it. T
    his blog is the next best thng to being there.

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