A Little Bit Country

17 Oct

This past Sunday I went to my first country show…ever. When you live in San Francisco, it’s not very cool to like country music, let alone seek out country shows to go to. I’ve always had a soft spot for the country ever since I started riding horses when I was around 11. My mom is not so much a country fan but being the good mom that she is, she would put up with me listening to 93.9 KZLA non-stop. Back to Sunday….out of the 100+ shows I’ve gone to, Carrie Underwood’s show at HP Pavillion was my first official country music concert. All I can say is that you get what you pay for. Major country artists’ concerts do not come cheap but boy oh boy do you get your money’s worth. The costume changes, the extravagant sets (a 3-D tornado), and Carrie’s voice! As my friend Jenny says, she has “the voice of an angel.” For those of you who also have a little country guilty pleasure like yours truly, I encourage you to give her new CD Blown Away a listen.

My favorite song of the night was her duet with Brad Paisley. Click here to give it a listen and a watch. It looked like he was actually on stage with her. They did the whole Tupac hologram thing. So there ya have it folks! My guilty pleasure is country music. I spend many of my mornings busing downtown just daydreaming of a quiet life out in the country. Sometimes listening to Carrie Underwood is as close as it gets.


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