Current Obsessions

4 Apr

Downton Abbey: I know I’m VERY late to the game when it comes to Downton but I started watching this past weekend and I was completely blown away. Mary & Matthew forever! I’m currently on Season 2 Episode 1 and trying to avoid doing any research on the show so that I don’t stumble across any spoilers. A waiter told me I looked like a young Elizabeth McGovern so naturally I had to look her up. Who knew the Countess of Gratham was once engaged to Mr. Sean Penn?


Cold War Kids: I feel like I’ve been out of touch with the music scene over the past year but I am completely in love with the Cold War Kids new album Dear Miss Lonelyhearts especially the song “Water & Power”  I will definitely be seeing them May 23rd at the Regency Ballroom. Who’s coming with?


Montana & Wyoming: Some may dream of sandy beaches and tropics but I day dream about going to one of these rugged  states. I sent away for a brochure to Paws Up Resort and well every page made me want to go even more. I hope I can go to WY or MT and live in a cabin for a week, ride horses during the day, and cozy up to the fireplace with a little whiskey and a good book (ok maybe no whiskey since I don’t fair well when I try to drink and read).



Dancing with the Stars: Team Zendaya and Val all the way. He’s got swag for days and she’s crazy talented. I’m still convinced there may be a love brewing between these two despite the fact that she’s 16 and he’s 26. How did I not discover this show sooner? The drama! The celebs! Andy Dick! Our  new Tuesday gals night ritual ❤


I must have watched this dance at least 10 times. I never had much interest in dancing or dancers but all of a sudden I want to be on the MTV’s MADE so that I can try to transform into a professional dancer. I’ve also been obsessively listening to the One Republic song they dance to (“Feel Agan”). I’m convinced this is the song I want to use for our wedding video ❤




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