Miranda Y’all!

23 May

“You would think a Slayer concert would be the rowdiest. But no, it’s country music shows that get the craziest.” – Shoreline Amphitheater employee

I saw Miranda Lambert a couple weeks ago and well…yeah it was a shit show. She was great but those country music fans sure do love their drink. I heard this song for the first time and she had this music video playing in the background which I got a kick out of. Enjoy! Oh and if you see the new Life & Style magazine with her on the cover saying that she’s pregnant with kids, it aint true. “I just heard from my agent that there’s another magazine claiming I’m pregnant. I want to point out that I am drinking y’all (holds up her beer koozie). I just love my cheeseburgers.”

Now that’s what I call refreshing y’all!


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