Summer Recap

13 Sep

Ratty’s back after a summer hiatus. I’ve been a bit on auto-pilot these past couple months and feeling a bit behind but now we are in my favorite season of all: Fall! Whether it’s associating Fall with heading back to school or just that the air is crisper, I always feel an urge to renew and refocus when Fall rolls around. Clean the closet, go through the mail and magazines that have been piling up in the corner, dust off the gym shoes. I can’t wait to get my Halloween decorations out! Yes, I am becoming that holiday-crazed lady who tries to recreate sitcom living room sets during the Halloween and Christmas episodes.

I promise to post more regularly here. It’s a busy and exciting time right now. According to our wedding website, I will be a married woman in 237 days or around 8 months. While the summer did go by in a blur, there were many highlights…

Hanging out at Lake Coeur d’Alene for Memorial Day weekend with Mr & Mrs. O



Celebrating Allie Bling Bling’s bday at her beautiful bday brunch….


Shooting our engagement photos with the wonderful Josh Elliott. They ended up being featured on the wedding blog Green Wedding Shoes which we are super excited about…

SF-engagement-02 SF-engagement-05 SF-engagement-08


Having my gal Christa visiting from China and staying with us for a month in July…

IMG_0929 IMG_0936 IMG_0945

(This was one of my favorite days. The gals and I headed across the bridge to explore Petaluma but made a quick stop at the best diner around…The Freemont Diner)


Finding my wedding dress at this wonderful store in Alameda called Janenes and having my gals right there with me when I discovered “the one.” Gotta save the surprise for the big day, so enjoy this image which is from this cringe-worthy Youtube sensation


Dave and I furnishing and creating our home together in our lil apartment…


Amy’s bachelorette partay in Tahoe! After 10 years of living in the Bay Area, I finally went to Lake Tahoe. Woot!


Another trip to beautiful Lake Coeur d’Alene but this time the Champions were there too. Weee! 

IMG_1085 IMG_1222 IMG_1248 IMG_1088

This is the end of the pics for now. As I was getting out of the boat on our second to last night at the lake, I accidentally dropped my camera into the lake. Dave dove into the lake and recovered it like a true gent. The camera was destroyed but I am so grateful that I didn’t lose all my pictures. I will miss that camera. I’m saving up to buy the same one.

Heading to Los Angeles tomorrow for my Dad’s bday and some wedding planning fun. Have a wonderful weekend!




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